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The Garbage Podcast – News Roundtable: Series XI and XII Confirmed

May 13, 2015 Alex 0

In this unscheduled edition of The Garbage Podcast, we take a break from our busy schedules of doing nothing to discuss the recent news that Series XI and XII have been confirmed! Yes, that’s properly confirmed. As in actually happening. Not confirmed in the WhatCulture sense, where confirmation apparently only […]

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The Garbage Podcast – Series II Commentaries: Kryten

September 6, 2013 Alex 0

Back in February we marked the 25th anniversary of Series I with a series of commentaries  for each episode, and with today being 25 years since the start of Series II it seemed only fitting to do this series too. So, just as with the last series, there will be […]

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News Roundup (31/03/13)

March 31, 2013 Alex 0

Series X – New Behind The Scenes Model Shots Our thanks go to Paul Müller for pointing out a lovely collection of behind the scenes photos from Series X that model man Steve Howarth has put online. As you’ve doubtless guessed from our constant bloody harping on about them, we love models […]

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News Roundup (24/03/13)

March 24, 2013 Alex 0

Series XI in 2015? While we encourage you not to put any stock in such things, it would be remiss of us not to at least give passing mention to this article on Divine Varod, which has been spread around online and reports on comments by Chris at Britscifi earlier this […]

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The Garbage Podcast: Series I Commentaries – Me²

March 21, 2013 Alex 0

25 years on from the initial airing of Me², The Garbage Podcast mark the silver anniversary of Series I’s close with our commentary for the episode. Considered by many to be the best episode of the series, Me² sees the show pick up on the psyche based threads of the […]

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News Roundup (17/03/13)

March 17, 2013 Alex 0

The Garbage Podcast: Series I Commentaries – Confidence & Paranoia In this edition of our continuing celebration of Red Dwarf’s silver anniversary, we mark the 25th anniversary of the initial airing of Confidence & Paranoia with our latest commentary for the episode. With the last two shows of Series I, […]

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News Roundup (10/03/13)

March 10, 2013 Alex 0

TOS: Red Dwarf X Quiz & FAQ Update The Official Site has updated with a quiz on the latest series of Red Dwarf. The quiz features 20 questions ranging from easy (like Sunday morning) through to harder questions that the more obsessive among you will doubtless then find yourself wondering […]