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News Roundup (30/06/13)

June 30, 2013 Alex 0

Red Dwarf X to Screen in The USA While DVDs and digital downloads have been available for some time, it’s always nice to see the show actually airing on TV and while Dave are currently repeating the series, some countries have yet to show it. One of those is the […]

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News Roundup (31/03/13)

March 31, 2013 Alex 0

Series X – New Behind The Scenes Model Shots Our thanks go to Paul Müller for pointing out a lovely collection of behind the scenes photos from Series X that model man Steve Howarth has put online. As you’ve doubtless guessed from our constant bloody harping on about them, we love models […]

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News Roundup (10/03/13)

March 10, 2013 Alex 0

TOS: Red Dwarf X Quiz & FAQ Update The Official Site has updated with a quiz on the latest series of Red Dwarf. The quiz features 20 questions ranging from easy (like Sunday morning) through to harder questions that the more obsessive among you will doubtless then find yourself wondering […]

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News Roundup (27/01/13)

January 27, 2013 Alex 0

The Official Site: RDX Behind The Scenes Guide The Official Site has updated it’s online episode guide with over 5,00 words covering behind the scenes story for Series X. As anyone that has watched the excellent documentary on the Series X did will know, the production ran into all manner […]

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News Roundup (06/01/13)

January 6, 2013 Alex 0

Ganymede & Titan’s Silver Survey To celebrate Red Dwarf’s 25ht anniversary year, Ganymede & Titan have begun an update to their attempt to rank all of the episodes of Red Dwarf to bring it up to date an encompass Back to Earth and Series X. This time, the voting is open […]

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News Roundup (30/12/12)

December 30, 2012 Alex 0

Yes, we said there wouldn’t be a news roundup this week, but as there was a reasonable amount to cover we decided to go back on our plans and put one out after all. We may well take a break next week instead because of this, but for now, here […]

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News Roundup (09/12/12)

December 9, 2012 Alex 0

Series X: Odds & Sods Series X’s recent DVD release has once again provided us with a couple of bits of press that may be of interest. First of all, Robert took questions this week from readers of i09 on Red Dwarf, Fully Charged and various other topics. You can […]

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News Roundup (02/12/12)

December 2, 2012 Alex 0

Series X & XI? In the wake of the DVD release, a treacle of Series X related press has continued to come in, though sadly it is largely all drawn from the exact same story being sold by a news agency. Therefore it would be pointless to list these and […]

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The Garbage Podcast – Series X Retrospective

November 28, 2012 Alex 0

Rounding off our Series X podcasts, this edition of The Garbage Podcast sees Alex, James and Andrew taking a look back over the tenth series. The overall merits of the series and the adversity that had to be overcome to make it are discussed at length as we take into […]

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News Roundup (25/11/12)

November 25, 2012 Alex 0

Series X DVD With the Series X DVD having been released on monday there has been a variety of reviews making their way online.  The shows themselves got a generally great reaction and it appears that the DVD is getting the same. This is due in no small part of […]