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News Roundup – 03/11/2015

November 3, 2015 Alex 0

It’s been a while since we’ve had to do a news round up, but news coming out faster than last nights vindaloo, and we’re here in our roll as a refrigerated toilet roll to mop it up. Yeah ok, we’re a bit late, and we’ve literally fallen back on toilet […]

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Man tweets some words

December 12, 2013 Andrew 0

It’s all gone rather quiet on the Red Dwarf front of late. We could be telling you what after dinner speeches Chris Barrie has been doing, or when Craig has another Funk and Soul show but at a certain point it starts feeling a little tenuous. But now finally there’s […]

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Series XI News – Unofficial Announcement

May 5, 2013 James 0

Doug Naylor made an unofficial announcement of Series XI at the Red Dwarf convention Dimension Jump XVII. The following are tweets by the Ganymede and Titan twitter feed and the Gazpacho Soup twitter feed on Doug’s Q&A session at the convention: Doug, Series 11: “I had a plan. I planned […]