Series XI News: We Must Have The Same Storyboard

July 15, 2016 James 0

Friday has come around again with another exciting update in the lead up to September. This week we have a storyboard replete with dialogue from an episode from Series XI. Today's sneak peek at #RedDwarfXI is an exclusive storyboard, by the brilliant Nik Afia! — Red Dwarf (@RedDwarfHQ) July […]

Series XI News: Official Synopsis Revealed

June 24, 2016 James 0

Following Doug Naylor’s hint yesterday that the new series would air in September, we now have official confirmation by Dave and the official Red Dwarf website. No specific day has been given but it gives us a good barometer of how much longer we have to wait. But that wasn’t […]

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Series XI News – Unofficial Announcement

May 5, 2013 James 0

Doug Naylor made an unofficial announcement of Series XI at the Red Dwarf convention Dimension Jump XVII. The following are tweets by the Ganymede and Titan twitter feed and the Gazpacho Soup twitter feed on Doug’s Q&A session at the convention: Doug, Series 11: “I had a plan. I planned […]