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News Roundup (18/11/12)

November 18, 2012 James 1

Red Dwarf X on DVD and Blu-Ray Red Dwarf X is released in the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, Monday 19th November. The release includes multitudes of extra features that we have come to expect from Red Dwarf releases including a two hour documentary venturing into the trials and tribulations […]

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Series X News – First Trailer Released

July 20, 2012 Alex 0

After some technical issues that delayed its release by a few hours, the first trailer for Red Dwarf X is finally here. You can view the trailer below and later we’ll be publishing a full breakdown of what it includes. It also looks as if we can expect a steady […]

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Series X News – A Quick Shot From The Grade

June 18, 2012 Alex 0

Today see production on the new series come to a close, and then focus will shift to finishing the DVD documentary, Smeg Ups and deleted scenes. It’s more than likely therefore that the behind the scenes shots that we have seen tweeted sporadically will come to an end. By then […]

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Series X News – Howard Goodall To Provide Music For Series X

April 26, 2012 Alex 0

Massively exciting news here, with Howard Goodall tweeting: Just received my first rough cuts of the new Red Dwarf series, looking forward to viewing and putting some music on them. Kipper-time! We knew that Doug was in touch with Howard after the whole issue with a lack of funds for […]

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Series X News – Extra Day of Filming

March 18, 2012 James 0

Sod’s law dictates that if a piece of news appears on a Sunday, it will do so once we have already put up the news roundup. As such, we bring you this titbit from Robert Llewellyn’s blog, wherehe  has confirmed that the cast and crew will be getting back together […]

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Series X News: Good Old Howard Goodall

March 16, 2012 Alex 0

As you may be aware, Howard Goodall has recently joined Twitter, and it would seem he has been made aware of the situation with the music for Series X. As such, earlier today Howard tweeted Doug to ask: Are you 100% sure there’s nothing in the budget left for a […]

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Series X News – Multiple Models

March 13, 2012 Alex 0

I was going to let this tweet slip by as it’s hard for me to comment on, but I think it’s the kind of thing that we should be sharing with you here. As such, here is a tweet from Richard Naylor today: Just been down to Bill Pearson’s workshop, […]

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Series X News – Return of the Creator?

March 12, 2012 James 0

Nathan Cubitt, who is currently editing the behind the scenes documentary for Series X, posted this tweet earlier today: 500th shot logged – now where’s my champagne? Weirdly features friends of mine (but not in this screen grab) #RDX_BTS The screen grab in question is at the bottom of this piece. […]