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Series X News – DVD Cover & Content Revealed

September 28, 2012 Alex 0

Today’s update from The Official Site has revealed the cover and content of the upcoming DVD release of Series X.¬†You can view the full cover and the website also has a couple of preview pictures from the special features. More on those below. Now, obviously there are some good and […]

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Series X News – Two New Clips & An Interview With Doug

September 26, 2012 Alex 0

Apologies for the briefness of this update; the effect of several hours of editing the spoiler and libel out of The Garbage Podcast is that my brain is somewhat fried when it comes to presenting coherent thoughts on new material. However we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t […]

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Series X News – Towel Folding Competition (New Clip)

September 25, 2012 James 0

Craig Charles appeared on Loose Women earlier today and with it he brought a brand new clip that expands upon footage featured in the trailer. The clip features the gang in the cockpit of Blue Midget where Lister explains why it is up to Rimmer to create their¬†battle-plan. Apologies for […]