Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: Lemons

October 18, 2012 Andrew 0

The Best Best episode so far #RedDwarfX — Alison Wrenn (@AWrennComposer) October 18, 2012 My fave eps of #RedDwarfx in order so far 1. #Lemons, 2. #Trojan, 3. #Fathers&suns All thoroughly enjoyed though! — Louise (@HeliotropeFairy) October 18, 2012 best episode of red dwarf since gunmen series 6! #reddwarfx #lemons […]

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Series X News – Alternative DVD Cover Revealed

October 12, 2012 Alex 0

The Official Site has updated this week with a look at the alternate cover for the Series X DVD. Click on the image below to view the page and a large version of the cover: As you can see, it continues the theme used on the Series I-VIII covers. The […]