Red Dwarf XI: Twentica review (Spoilers)

September 15, 2016 Alex 0

Bigger. Better. Smeggier. So has proclaimed the poster campaign advertising Series XI of Red Dwarf. On the basis of Twentica, it’s a statement that seems more than just hyperbole. It’s been well documented that both Back to Earth and Series X were made under a whole host of restrictions that […]

Series XI News: Semi-Charmed Life

September 11, 2016 Alex 0

With the release of the Series XI trailer, while the reaction to it had been very good we we keen to point out that the show generally doesn’t clip well for trailers. While we enjoyed the brief gags within it, they were just that, and by it’s very nature the […]

The Garbage Podcast: Series XI Preview

September 6, 2016 Alex 0

With a little over a week until Twentica is available to watch online, we’ve gathered together to bring you The Garbage Podcast Series XI Preview Spectacular! Special Guests! Unbelievable production values! And more than a few surprises along the way! We have none of these. But what we do have […]

Let’s Get Out There and Tweet It: Entangled

October 26, 2012 Andrew 0

It’s just like series…? what a great episode of #RedDwarfX that was Tonight. never like to compare to earlier series but the 1st half felt very series 1/2 ! — Chris Hobson (@NitroChrisUK) October 25, 2012 I've loved every #RedDwarfX ep so far, but Entangled is the first I […]

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News Roundup (23/09/12)

September 23, 2012 Alex 0

Series X With less than two weeks to go to the new series we’ve seen a whole host of new clips and photos this week as well as a variety of different press coverage. First of all then, the clips. The first clip features Rimmer and Lister in the Drive […]

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News Roundup (16/09/12)

September 16, 2012 Alex 0

Series X With Series X just a few weeks away the wheels of the publicity machine for the series are really starting to turn rapidly, and this week there is an awful lot to cover. Early this week the UKTV showcase was held giving the press a first look at […]

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Back to Earth Ratings

March 26, 2012 James 0

With Red Dwarf X coming up quick and fast in the next 6 months I thought it might be a useful to look at the ratings for ‘Back to Earth’ as well as Dave as a whole to see if a ballpark figure for success can be found for the […]