Spoiler Policy

8545742983_fd31dbc893_bWith a new series of Red Dwarf on the iminent horizion and spoilers abound, here are the guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of spoilers on the site for Series XII.


This site follows a policy of publishing any information that is in the public domain, be that via articles, interviews or tweets from production members. Be aware that these may contain potential spoilers.

Any mentions of the recordings on the new series will not include plots, jokes, guest actors or specific descriptions of what the guest sets are. They may be discussed, but until officially confirmed no more.

Please also be aware that the site may speculate on any information that comes into the public domain, and while you will not be spoiled intentionally by this, but any deductions may prove to be correct and as such act as a spoiler.

In the comments, the same rules apply. Please be aware, if your comments are seen to break these rules they will be deleted out of respect for the production. If you are in doubt, contact us directly.