The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – Siliconia

October 19, 2017 Alex 0

The second episode of Red Dwarf XII sees us finally getting the much discussed ‘the one where everyone’s Kryten’ episode of the show that Doug and the cast have been teasing for so long. For an episode that starts with this as a concept, its possibly surprising that we also […]

Series XI News: DVD Cover & Special Features Revealed

September 28, 2016 James 0

Unintentional announcements are something we’ve become all too familiar with in covering Red Dwarf. That’s exactly what we had today, with the details of the DVD art for Series XI revealed as well as all of the special features listed on the back of it. 

Series XI News: Doug Naylor Hints at XI Airdate 

June 23, 2016 Alex 0

September; it’s seen the Great Fire of London, the start of Hitler’s invasion of Poland and annually celebrates Mini Golf day. And now it seems that September has an extra illustrious string to add to its  bow, with Doug Naylor giving a not so subtle hint as to the transmition […]

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Series XI/XII News Roundup (29/01/2016)

January 29, 2016 James 0

As Red Dwarf XII heads into the first day of filming in front of a live studio audience we have seen more interesting titbits of information released by the production team. The most exciting is most certainly the picture of the new Red Dwarf “bigature” currently under construction as tweeted […]

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News Roundup (23/12/12)

December 23, 2012 Alex 0

Merry Christmas With the Christmas season upon us and news slowing down, we are intending to  have a short break until the new year when the festivities are over. So to tie things up for the end of the year we thought we’d give you a quick reminder of what […]

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Series X Discussion – The Beginning.

November 8, 2012 Alex 0

The weeks have flown by but here we are at the last episode of Series X, The Beginning. It’s going to be an episode that gets a lot of discussion going for a variety of reasons and we can’t wait to see what you all think. So once again here […]

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Series X Discussion – Dear Dave

November 2, 2012 Alex 0

Ok, we should have put this up yesterday, but circumstance and joining Bill Pearson for a glass of wine meant that we sort of forgot. So better late than never, here is the post for any comments that you have on last night’s episode; Dear Dave. Don’t forget, we are also […]

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Series X Discussion – Entangled

October 25, 2012 Alex 0

Tonight sees Dave airing Entangled, the fourth episode of the all new Series X. We’re once again putting up a post here for you to post any comments that you have on the show. Don’t forget, we are also on the lookout for comments on the show for the next episode […]

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Series X Discussion – Trojan

October 4, 2012 Alex 0

Well we weren’t originally planning on doing an update tonight. Originally the plan had been to let G&T handle the initial reactions and for us to do our update several days later in The Garbage Podcast. With every Red Dwarf Site online crashing however we thought we’d create a place […]