News Roundup: Lego Dimensions, DVD reviewed and more

November 20, 2016 Andrew 0

With Red Dwarf back in stasis until 2017, it appeared things might go quiet. Alas, we’re stuck doing these news roundups until the show comes back, so here’s the lowdown on all the latest goings on from 3 million years in the future.

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News Roundup – 13/11/2015

November 13, 2015 Alex 0

November 13th, and it’s the big day when the first episode recording for Series XI goes before cameras. It’s perhaps one of the most exciting times when everyone is as in the dark as everyone else, and we aren’t having to be careful of what we say because of potential […]

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News Roundup – 03/11/2015

November 3, 2015 Alex 0

It’s been a while since we’ve had to do a news round up, but news coming out faster than last nights vindaloo, and we’re here in our roll as a refrigerated toilet roll to mop it up. Yeah ok, we’re a bit late, and we’ve literally fallen back on toilet […]

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News Roundup (08/09/13)

September 8, 2013 Alex 0

Official Site Quiz and Database Update The Official Site has recently made two update with an extension of the database for Series X and a new quiz. The Space Corps Database section of the site’s complete guide provides an expanded exploration of many of the show’s characters, ship and more. The new Series […]

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News Roundup (18/08/13)

August 18, 2013 Alex 0

Pointless Celebrities Last Saturday saw the long awaited airing of Craig and Danny’s appearance on a Comic Relief special of Pointless Celebrities earlier in the year and now the show is available to view for a limited time on the BBC iPlayer. The show sees contestants compete to gain as few […]

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News Roundup (11/08/13)

August 11, 2013 Alex 0

With a busy summer we’ve had an extended break from news roundups, but now we’re back with the latest news and a catchup on some bit’s we’ve missed. Geek Week Robert Llewellyn is back in the rubber mask as host of YouTube’s Geek Week and each day he’ll be picking […]

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News Roundup (07/07/13)

July 7, 2013 James 0

John McKay talks lost Red Dwarf VII episode Identity Within Earlier in the week we had a chat with John McKay, writer of the lost Red Dwarf episode Identity Within which you may remember was recreated as a storyboard animation for the Series VII DVD. He goes into how he got […]