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News Roundup (04/03/12)

March 4, 2012 Alex 0

It’s been a busy week for Series X news. If you’ve not yet had a look, it’s well worth going back over the last few days news updates on this site, as well as Ian and Cappsy’s articles on G&T here and here, for an interesting insight into the production. […]

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Series X News – ‘Sorry, buddy; no sax before a fight.’

March 1, 2012 Alex 0

A small update here in the continuing saga of the music cues for series X. Following on from his suggestion yesterday that he’d like to re-use old cues, Richard Naylor today continued to say: Series 2 stings also great, Tongue tied on the saxophone and xylophone! Few of these would […]

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Series X News – Music Grades

February 29, 2012 Alex 0

A little more on the issue of the series X music cues from Richard Naylor today: Spent the morning listening to reddwarf series 1 music stings, so many brilliant ones that never got used. Now off to soho for a pre-grade. To answer questions I’ve always loved the music from […]

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Series X News – Doug Asks For Opinions

February 27, 2012 Alex 0

Doug has been putting out various tweets this evening to gauge fan opinion on a whole host of issues. Now, whether this is because he genuinely wants to know what the fans would like, or because he has a way he wants to go and needs to justify his actions […]

Norman Lovett – Outside The Box (DVD Review)

February 27, 2012 Alex 0

How do you sum up a comedian whose act is to appear not to have one? It’s no easy task, but nonetheless this article will attempt to do so in reviewing Norman Lovett’s ‘Outside The Box’; the latest DVD from indie comedy label Go Faster Stripe. First of all though, […]

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News Roundup (26/02/12)

February 26, 2012 Alex 0

Series X News An interesting tweet from Richard Naylor this week: ‘Just watched #reddwarf X show 2. Might be too good to not put out as Show 1.’ In this writer’s opinion, while both episodes were great, episode 1 certainly had more of a plot that fitted to the first […]

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News Roundup (19/02/12)

February 19, 2012 Alex 0

Series X News Official news is scarce since the end of the recordings, but sources like the twitter accounts of the production team and the Naylors continue to provide us with some interesting news. If you aren’t already following them, I highly recomend following both Doug and Richard. Of particular interest […]