The Garbage Podcast: Series XII Retrospective

February 15, 2018 Alex 0

In case it has passed your attention, today marks 30 years since Red Dwarf first aired. Given we’ve already celebrated the first episode on the podcast for the 25th anniversary, we’re instead joining in the festivities in a slightly different way this time around. So in the first of two […]

The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – Skipper

November 16, 2017 Alex 0

It may have finished as quickly as it started, but we’re already at the end of Red Dwarf XII. But while it may be the last of the series, Skipper has proved to be an episode worth waiting for. It’s a show of two halves, but when the first half […]

Red Dwarf XII: Skipper review (Spoilers)

November 10, 2017 Alex 0

It seems that it only started last week, but we’re already at the end of Red Dwarf XII. With M-Corp last week, we were provided with what may be considered to be typical series closer. It encapsulated various qualities we look for, from a potential changing of the status quo […]

Series XII News: DVD covers revealed

November 10, 2017 Alex 0

With Skipper having gone up on UKTV Play last night, many of you will doubtless now be turning your attention to the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release. As you may recall from a few weeks back, Amazon put up the listings for both for November 20th, along with a cover […]

The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – M-Corp

November 9, 2017 Alex 0

With the penultimate edition of Red Dwarf XII, we see a plot first teased in the run up to Series X finally realised in M-Corp. But while we knew the rough plot idea, what we didn’t know was that like a David Bowie live show circa 1973, it was going […]

The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – Timewave

October 26, 2017 Alex 0

With the third episode of Red Dwarf XII, we see see the show examining what place critisism has in society. However, if you ask people what they remember about Timewave, that might not be the first thing that come to mind. It’s a psychadelic affair with bright colours and hightened […]

Red Dwarf XII: Timewave review (Spoilers)

October 21, 2017 Alex 0

Red Dwarf has always been a show that’s had a lot of different approaches. It’s certainly not an original statement to point out the differences between say Series I and VII, and in terms of episodes, Balance of Power is far removed from the likes of Pete. However, with the […]

The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – Siliconia

October 19, 2017 Alex 0

The second episode of Red Dwarf XII sees us finally getting the much discussed ‘the one where everyone’s Kryten’ episode of the show that Doug and the cast have been teasing for so long. For an episode that starts with this as a concept, its possibly surprising that we also […]