Gazpacho Soup is a gestalt entity occupying three bodies, one of which lives London, the other two of which don’t. The product of a horribly botched genetic-engineering experiment to create a Red Dwarf fan site with a name that it turns out a lot of people are unsure how to spell. And no, in hindsight they don’t really know why they went with that name either.

Founded in early 2012 by Alex Newsome, the site was set up in response to a call for more active fan sites, and as a means of compiling regular Red Dwarf  related news updates.

Originally just covering the huge amount of Red Dwarf news emerging at the time, the site expanded beyond this fairly soon and started incorporating reviews and features, bringing James Cluskey and Andrew Moir to complete the site’s team.

This also led to the start of the site’s main endevour, The Garbage Podcast, begining just in time to cover the upcoming Series X. Released in seasons, the podcast ran for over a decade from 2012 to 2024 and covered in depth reviews, set reports, commentaries, interviews and various Red Dwarf related sketches.

With 2015 came the announcement of two new series of Red Dwarf, and with it a chance for us to not only cover the post production as we did in 2012, but also the filming process with set reports for every recording, all alongside brand new written, video and audio content about the show past and present.

In 2016, Gazpacho Soup joined with it’s sister site The Spoilist, becoming part of it’s network and adding The Garbage Podcast to it’s programming line up.

For enquires, submissions, comments or offers of ludicrous sums of used cash in a big envelope, you can email us directly using the form below.