The Garbage Podcast – Series VII Reviews: Ouroboros

Image2In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series VII’s 25th anniversary, we look back at the third episode of the series, Ouroboros.

With Chris Barrie having (sort of) departed the show, a change of line up is in order. Cue the introduction of Chloë Annett as Kochanski, giving Lister a new sense of direction and changing the dynamic of the crew for many years to come. All of this along side returning antagonists, call backs to the start of the show and some paradox laden changes to Lister’s backstory.

How would the dynamic of the series have changed if this was the opener? Is this iteration of Kochanski different in characterisation too the ones we’ve seen previously? And what are the incestuous implications of Lister being his own father thanks to jizzing in a tube?

All these topics and and more will be casually tossed off as Alex, James and Andrew go back over the episode that sets the course for the rest of the series.

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