The Garbage Podcast: The Promised Land

Image2In 2009, Red Dwarf returned after ten years away for a three-part special on it’s new home on Dave. Three series and eleven years on, the show has returned for another (now feature length) special with The Promised Land.

The show has had multi-parters previously, but outside of DVD extras, this is the first time we’ve been presented with this kind of extended length story. It seems fitting therefore that the story The Promised Land chooses to tackle is one of the big ones from the very start of the show; the cat race.

But is that really what the episode is about? It’s something of a Trojan episode (pun slightly intended), with the larger plot being the vehicle that allow us to explore existential questions that run straight to the core of the characters.

How well does the format work? What are the tonal similarities between this and Last Human? And if the AA adverts allowed for a slight upgrade of the Starbug set, would a sponsorship from Tena Man for the older, leakier gentlemen, buy some more VFX shots?

All these topics and more will be absorbed in the analysis of the episode as as Alex, James and Andrew weigh up if the special fulfils it’s promise and what it may suggest for the future of the show.

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