Red Dwarf The Promised Land Final Ratings

Two weeks on from Red Dwarf’s first feature-length special and we now know the total final ratings for the 7 days following the broadcast. Across Dave and Dave Ja Vu, The Promised Land earned a mammoth 1,666,200 viewers.

This is Red Dwarf’s highest consolidated rating since Series X’s Trojan (2.089m). An incredible final figure for the small rouge one.

In an era in which ratings are going down across the board, Red Dwarf has bucked the trend and posted the highest rating for 8 years. Whether this is down to being shown during a lockdown, airing at a different time of the year, being in a different format or a combination of the three is unclear. What is clear is that the show is still a reliable ratings earner for Dave. If the ratings are any indication, the chances of more Red Dwarf in the future are very good.