Red Dwarf The Promised Land Ratings

The early ratings are in for Red Dwarf’s first feature-length special. The special attracted 923k viewers and peaked with over 1 million. It also received a share of over 5% of all viewers watching TV at the time. This is all before factoring in the ratings from Dave Ja Vu and any catch up over the next week. It will also be repeated on Easter Sunday.

This compares favourably to the overnights of Series XI and XII. In 2016, Twentica enjoyed an overnight of 750k with a share of 3.9% of all viewers. In 2017, Cured was viewed by 701k with a share of 3.7%

In a landscape in which fewer and fewer people are watching live TV, Red Dwarf has managed to go against the grain. A mark of success for the new format and hopefully a sign that the audience is still there and keen for more.