News: Something Red Dwarf-y is happening

2019 has been a real treat for Red Dwarf fans – first we got an advert for the AA and now there’s news that something else is happening, which may be another advert for the AA but also maybe isn’t.

There have been clues. Robert Llewellyn did his usual Twitter leak claiming that Series XIII is going into pre-production but based on his past declarations claiming a new run is happening roughly every six months for the last decade, he can’t be deemed a hugely reliable source.

Then Chris Barrie went to a convention and declared that he wasn’t sure what he could or could not say, which is a dead giveaway that there is definitely something he couldn’t say and he then stated  that he suspected he’d be donning the ‘H’ before the year was out. Hattie was also there and said everyone was being interviewed for a retrospective on Dave, which wouldn’t be hugely surprising given UKTV’s record for delving into sitcom documentaries. (Source: Red Dwarf TV)

Then Danny tweeted this image of the cast at a read through. If you turn it around and then squint a bit, you can see that the script seems to say ‘Red Dwarf Special’. Don’t believe us? Then the nation’s favourite Red Dwarf fan site G&T have your back, and possibly your front as well.

Then Danny tweeted this, contradicting his previous tweet. Is he confused? Throwing us off the scent? Trolling the fans? Time will tell but it’s definitely  the last one.

Then head over to Instagram and who should the cast be hanging out with but Harry Enfield and Hugh Skinner. We can only assume that famous people are drawn together by the quantum entanglement of talent.

But what about the creator himself. Well he’s keeping quiet, aren’t you Doug?

So a quick summation.

What’s happening?


When’s it happening?


When will we see it?

In the future.

Right, is everyone clear? Stay tuned for more news as it breaks. Either that or we won’t post again for months.