The Garbage Podcast: Stellar Rescue

Image2We may still be awaiting signs of a new series of Red Dwarf, but that doesn’t mean we are without some form of new Red Dwarf thanks to a tie in advertising campaign with the AA.

Much to everyone’s suprise, this is far more of a legit affair than we ever expected. Cast, crew, sets and costumes all being brought back out for TV and radio adverts that are perhaps more faithful to the show than you’d at first have thought, and ends up feeling weirdly of a piece with the last two series of the show, all be it with some subtle changes and a far greater push to sign up to a breakdown service than those episodes had.

But is this adertising campaign any good? What other advertising opportunities does this present? And did that bloke dressed as Rimmer at the Angel of The North ever make it to Glasgow Comic Con?

All these blatently made up stories and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew look evalute the advert and possibly even thow in a musical number as frankly at this stage nothing seems odd anymore.

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