The Garbage Podcast – Series VI Commentaries: Rimmerworld

Image2In this penultimate instlament of of our continuing celebration of Series VI’s 25th anniversary, we’re this week taking a look back at Rimmerword.

It’s perhaps the episode of the series that tends to be overlooked, which perhaps is partially due to to it’s similarity to ground the show has already covered previously. Exploring the psyche of the charecters is nothign enw for Red Dwarf, and certainly not for RImmer, but when this episode comes so soon after Terrorform in the ast series, does it suffer as a result?

Do the returning story elements nod towards the direction of Series VII? Does the budget show in the suprising lack of split screen? And even as desperate as RImmer has been shown to be, would he really be prepared to do the horizontal tango with his own sister?

All these incestuaous questions and more will be in the can Alex, James and Andrew grind their balls to discuss the penultimate episode of the sixth series.

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