The Garbage Podcast – Series VI Commentaries: Emohawk: Polymorph II

Image2In this fourth instlament of of our continuing celebration of Series VI’s 25th anniversary, we look back at Emohawk: Polymorph II by keeping theme with the episdoe by revisiting some popular elements from previosu podcasts. By which we mean we bollock on about corridors again.

It’s an episode of Red Dwarf that serves as three sequels in one, but one that is also two very seperate halves. It also marks the first major piece of calling back to a previous episode in a way that we will see much more of over the next couple of series.

If the first half better than the second? Is the episode mostly just a curtain call for some popular guest charecters? And does The Cat really enjoy baked beans?

All these changed for copyright so Heinz don’t sue questions and more will be in the can Alex, James and Andrew do their best to prove that all men are indeed bastards, or at the very least, tedious pricks.

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