Let’s get out there and tweet it: Dimension Jump XX

It’s Red Dwarf’s 30th anniversary year and while this event wasn’t marked by a new series of the show, or even some kind of TV special, there’s a far more important date in the Red Dwarf calendar – it’s only Dimension Jump XX, the 20th edition of the dedicated convention from the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. And this con is marking this milestone in style with the biggest guest list yet. There were the boys from the Dwarf themselves in the shape of Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules along with former series regulars Chloe Annett, Hattie Hayridge and Norman Lovett as well as prominent guest stars Tony Slattery, Mac McDonald and Ian Boldsworth who also served as the best warm up ever for recent shows. And of course, there was the creator himself Doug Naylor. But what other surprises were in store for the assembled Red Dwarf fandom? Without further ado, let’s dive into social media to find out what went on at the Crowne Plaza Nottingham between the 5th and 7th October.


The beginning


Any surprise guests then?


Well, a few that hadn’t been announced but this is the big one…


That’s exactly what Hitler would do!

Fly? I can make this thing dance

Universe Challenge

I believe she’s just discovered what T-shirts are for

A strategically placed clipboard

We’ll always have parrots

There’s a karaoke bar on C-Deck


Any questions?

They say never meet your heroes

Does it involve dressing up?


Is there a portable walrus polishing kit?


Norm brought his usual positivity

Comedy legend, Tony Slattery



Get well soon



Why, it’s Danny John-Jules

Tongue Tied anyone?

Ah, you can’t please everyone?

Oh Captain, my Captain

Party (Starbug) crashers

The In-quiz-itor



The End

Signature moves



Well deserved. Take a bow everyone at TORDFC