In the fictional town of Bedford Falls it was Christmas Eve…

Unless you happen to reside in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, Christmas is now upon us and the year is radily coming to a close.

2017 has been another busy year in the world fo Red Dwarf. The big event of the year was of course Series XII, which received great reviews from fans and critics alike. It’s certainly a series that went down well with us here at Gazpacho Soup, as you can see and hear in our written reviews and in-depth podcasts for each episode. 

But just as with 2016, the new series brought us whole host of other treats along the way. We’ve had the fantastic bonus features on the Series XII DVD (including the fantastic documentary The 28 Years Later Affair), a brand new mobile game for the series and an expansion of the range of merchandise available from the official shop that includes for the first time ever replicas of some iconic t-shirts from the show.

We’ve also had the chance to share our love of the show with other fans thanks to The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club’s 19th Dimension Jump back in April, as well as several events to promote Series XII including preview screenings and a surreal short time launch of Leopard Lager into pubs throughout the country.

But for all of these things that we have had, the one thing we’ve never had is a Red Dwarf Christmas special. Aside from a passing reference to a prior Christmas with the Pan-Dimensional Liquid Beast from the Megaton Cluster and Santa’s appearance in Meltdown, Red Dwarf has never had a Christmas special in the traditional sense. The closest we’ve really come is the large amounts of the first two novels dedicated to Lister’s fantasy of living out his ideal existence in Bedford Falls from his favorite film, It’s a Wonderful Life.

So in the spirit of giving this Christmastime, we have a tiny taste of what in another reality could have been.

And with that, we’ll leave you all to enjoy your Christmas, while in a backwards dimension, the big fat git is sneakingchildren discover the big fat git has snuck down the chimney to steal all their favourite toys. While there may not be a new series planned for net year, 2018 will still see the 30th anniversary of the show, as well as TORDFC’s 20th Dimension Jump to celebrate it.

We’ll be back again in the new year with a new run of podcasts, but for now, from Alex, James and Andrew, we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.As always, we offer our most heartfelt thanks to all of our readers and listeners that keep us going, and of course to Grant Naylor Productions, Baby Cow, UKTV and all the cast and crew continuing to bring us new episodes of the show to talk about.