Series XII News: Mechocracy Ratings

The TV viewers have voted with their remote and for 541,000 people they voted to watch Mechocracy on Dave and Dave Ja Vu last night. This overnight is down on the rating achieved in the past three weeks which have hovered in and around 700k but it is still higher than Series XI’s lowest rating. It also compares favourably to Dave’s other highly promoted series which also aired this week. The Taskmaster finale achieved a rating of 379,000 and Zapped achieved 220,000.

On UKTV Play it was similar ratings to last week as 19,200 streamed Timewave in the first four days it was available which is only down 370 streams down on Siliconia the week before. In total Cured now stands at 40,540 streams, Siliconia on 35,270 and Timewave on 19,200. New episodes of Taskmaster are proving to be slightly more popular on UKTV Play in the first week of streaming, perhaps due to being available for an extra day.

The final consolidated ratings for Siliconia have also been released this week. Siliconia achieved 1,179,000 across Dave and Dave Ja Vu in the first airing. That is 1,081,000 on Dave and 98,000 on Dave Ja Vu. The show has held onto viewers extremely well as this is only 21,000 down on Cured. Red Dwarf was again far and away Dave’s highest rated show of the week with nearly double the ratings of Taskmaster in second.