The Garbage Podcast: Red Dwarf XII Reviews – Timewave

Image2With the third episode of Red Dwarf XII, we see see the show examining what place critisism has in society. However, if you ask people what they remember about Timewave, that might not be the first thing that come to mind.

It’s a psychadelic affair with bright colours and hightened performances, all of which make for a very different type of episode to what we are used to. So different in fact, that we find ourselves questioning certain elements and how they are presented.

Would the episode benefit from combining charecters? Do eight static bulbs a starscape make? And just what chain of events led to a man dressing as a giant raspberry?

All these fruity questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew try to make sense of perhaps the most out there epiosde of Red Dwarf there has ever been.

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