Series XII News: Cured Ratings

A new series of Red Dwarf premiered yesterday and the ratings are in. In Dave’s first airing Cured was viewed by 701,000 people. Just a small amount short of the 750,000 who watched Twentica launch a year ago. This also stands as Dave’s best overnight rating of the year.

Once Dave Ja Vu and consolidated viewers are added this will top well over a million. Twentica and Samsara pushed close to a million and a half from similar overnight numbers. We also have the viewers who are watching a week early on UKTV Play which will hopefully be bigger than last series as Dave and all of UKTV have been pushing the platform heavily for the last year.

The show continues to pull viewers in at a great number for Dave. With the show also doing well commercially and having international sales potential (the show appearing on Britbox and Netflix for example) the show couldn’t be in better health. Since 2009 the only hold up for a new series of Red Dwarf is arranging the cast all together at the same time and as we hurtle into the 30th anniversary year that doesn’t look to change.