Red Dwarf XII: Opening Titles Breakdown

The only thing more exciting than a new episode of Red Dwarf to us fans is a new set of opening titles giving us a glimpse into all six new episodes.

So as Cured has now gone out on UKTV Play, let’s break down the opening titles and pry as much detail as we can from a packed 30 seconds.

Please note this post will include spoilers for Cured as the breakdown features images from this episode and we will be discussing with full knowledge. We also be discussing things revealed by cast and crew so if you wish to stay spoiler free then do not read any further.

Our first shot of the titles is usually given to the core ship of the series so it is interesting that Red Dwarf is given a background role to Starbug. Perhaps an indication that XII is attempting to differentiate itself from XI with a greater use of Starbug particularly with the addition of the Starbug Midsection as a main standing set.

Next up we have Lister and Cat appearing from nowhere and falling forwards into the standing corridor set as it appeared in Series XI. Could this be the crew being hit by a “Timewave” as per the title of the third episode?

Next we have a repeat of the shot from the trailer with Kryten and Rimmer falling forwards onto the computer console in the Science Room with a bowl of fruit placed precariously in the background.

Another repeated shot from the trailer and this one also appears in Cured. A beautiful look at the new landing bay. Hopefully this is something we see against in Series XII.

Starbug seems to be under attack with the crew doing their best Star Trek “falling about the bridge” acting. Interesting to note that in the run up to Series XI a picture from another angle of this shot was revealed:

The picture can still be found on the Official Red Dwarf website here.

Now we have our first shot of Cat as an android in action in Siliconia. Seemingly just after being turned into an android, Cat will be testing his new appendages by breaking a finger.

The android in front of them wearing glasses does seem familiar…

In this picture we see what appears to be the same android giving Kryten a full manicure. This picture is as previously seen by the official Red Dwarf website in August.

Next we have a shot seen in the opening episode Cured as Rimmer realises his predicament can get worse.

As with the previous Dave era series we have the actors names over shots of them in the opening titles. A welcome change to the titles which gives the opening more structure in my view.

Another shot from Cured as we see Lister and Kryten rescuing Cat from drowning in a water tank.

A further shot from Cured as Lister is in the middle of his jamming session of the German folk song Happy Wanderer with Hitler. Clearly a shot of Hitler here would have revealed too much before you had seen the episode. Of course it doesn’t matter a jot when promo pictures of Lister jamming with Hitler are posted to all major newspapers spoiling the big set piece of the episode.

Yet another shot from Cured. This time we see Starbug approaching the base as previously shown in storyboard form shortly after filming by Richard Naylor:

Now we have have a shot of Lister, Kryten and Rimmer trying to get somebody, presumably Cat, to not do something. The location appears to be the front side of the Science Room but it could also be redress to look like a new section of the ship.

Next we have a shot in which Lister transmogrifies from old to young. We can assume this shot is from M-Corp as the previously revealed publicity shot of Old Lister had M-Corp on his shirt.

Next up we have the gang on the gas moon “Rimmer” as previously featured in the official trailer. Rimmer appears to be in a panic to carry something somewhere with sand falling from his hands.

A shot now of Cat shining Lister’s shoes but not seemingly touching his shoe whatsoever. This episode can be assumed to be the same as the shot of Starbug under attack from earlier in the titles as Cat is wearing the same outfit.

Two further repeats of shots from the official trailer. Whilst we don’t know for certain we can assume the first shot is the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front pulling in Starbug and the second shot is the of an android mid mop fight both from the episode Siliconia.

We have previously heard that M-Corp involves items not of the M-Corp brand being invisible. Could we be seeing Lister’s toothbrush not being an M-Corp branded item and so being turned invisible?

Another repeated shot from earlier trailers. We can assume this is from M-Corp. Note Cat’s gold outfit.

Next up a lovely model shot of Starbug speeding across a moon. Potentially this could be the gas moon “Rimmer” as previously teased in the official trailer.

Danny John-Jules’ shot for the titles is his trademark dance into the sleeping quarters. Judging by the gold outfit we can assume this shot is from M-Corp as it matches the earlier picture of the gang transporting into the white M-Corp area.

A clear shot of the scarred Rimmer which we can guess is from Timewave based on one of Doug Naylor’s clues from the episode in SFX magazine being “Scar”.

The gang in druid outfits with presumably about to sacrifice Lister. Cat and Kryten are trying their best to do an evil face.

Note Rimmer appears to be holding some sort of device. Could this be the dimension skipper from the sixth episode Skipper?

The final shot of the titles from Cured is Rimmer being turned off following Cat and Lister being drugged and Kryten being shut down.

The final cast member gets his name in the titles as we have a fourth wall breaking shot of Kryten cleaning the camera. It almost seems like the type of shot you would get in the opening titles of the Smeg Ups tapes.

Interesting to note that the corridors in the background appear to be the grey version as previously seen in the teaser trailer with Rimmer in his Series 1 style uniform.

A bit of slapstick humour is in order now as Cat is spraying Lister in the face using a spray hidden in his sleeve.

Note the gold outfit Cat is wearing places this shot likely in the episode M-Corp.

Now for the big shot of the trailer. Rimmer in his Series 1 outfit in front of a grey Series 1 style door with the indication on the side saying “POD JAMMED”. This is followed by…

…Rimmer disappearing (potentially dimension skipping) before what we can only assume in best Red Dwarf tradition is a nuclear wind roaring towards him.

Finally we reach the end of the titles as we see the new way the Roman numerals appear.

In Series X it was slapstick slam. In Series XI it was flickering appearance. This time we have four lines appearing with two crashing into each other to form the X in XII.





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