Series XII News: I want names, I want places I want dates.

This Friday marked the inevitable point in any run up to a new series where the episode titles are released and we all stare confused at them wondering what the bloody hell they mean.

This time however, there was an added element of confusion, with things being mixed up this time around in a fine way with the titles being hidden in this word search.


While some of the episode titles were instantly recognisable from their accidental reveal on the Series XI Blu-ray, there were of course a couple that weren’t so familiar, instantly leading to some debate on Twitter as to whether it was Kipper or Skipper. Fortunately it wasn’t too long before the solution was revealed, and this was followed up with the confirmation of the running order.

There’s a few things to note here, so let’s start with the changes from the titles on the Series XI Blu-ray. Aside from Time Wave becoming one word now, Here No Evil and Star Knot are no more, and in there place we have Cured and Skipper. Given that in both cases these are the first and last episodes, we’d guess that they’ve also been amended in that order.

While it’s all a matter of personal taste, we particularly like the change to Skipper, as while Star Knot sounded a lot like a chapter in one of the novels, it didn’t feel quite so much like an episode title. We did meanwhile quite like the title of Here No Evil, but we can see why the change would be made when all other titles are one word. Indeed, it’s the first series to be made up entirely of one word titles, which gives it a nice bit of identity.

Another interesting point is that the order has been switched from the one that we saw on the steel book. For the sake of easy reference here is the change:

Blu-ray Order Final Order
Here No Evil Cured
M-Corp Siliconia
Siliconia Timewave
Time Wave Mechocracy
Mechocracy M-Corp
Star Knot Skipper

All in all theres been a fair old shake up here. While the start and the end of the series seem to have remained in place, every single other episode has moved position. It’s certainly no surprise that things have moved around given that it’s happened plenty of times in the past, but it does at least infer that there is a clear idea of what should absolutely start and end the series that has been in mind for quite some time. While we don’t know for certain, we’d assume that this perhaps wasn’t the case with XI for example, with Twentica being bumped to the start at a later point due to it looking more expensive.

Until the release of the synopsis, the titles of course all remain somewhat vague, so we’ll hold fire on speculation until that point. One thing is for certain however, and that is that with the titles, a running order and a vague air date of autumn confirmed, the Series is coming a lot more tangible. We eagerly await the confirmation of the exact air date, synopsis and the inevitable trailer in the coming weeks!





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