Series XII News: ‘Like just then in Edinburgh, when time repeated itself’

It’s all happening again. We’re finally on road to Series XII arriving on our screens, with the publicity machine gearing up. It’s seems a fairly familiar path, with the official site releasing a the new logo along with the announcement that the first episode will be shown at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on Wednesday 23rd August.

Let’s start with the logo. It’s the same design as Red Dwarf XI’s, which makes sense. Firstly because the shows were produced together, and secondly, this Futura Bold version is far superior to the serif font that appeared from Series V onward. Will the new title sequence have the same basic format as the Series XI one? Probably, but maybe the logo will appear on screen in a different way. Maybe it’ll fade in, maybe the XII won’t have a weird interference wobble. It’s just so exciting to speculate. Looks nice though.

Shall we compare it to last year’s logo?

Yes, that’s quite revealing…

Last year’s TV festival screening saw delegates and Red Dwarf fans alike gather at Edinburgh’s lovely Filmhouse where SFX magazine’s Richard Edwards chaired a short Q&A with Doug Naylor, Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles following a screening of Twentica. We should expect something similar, as the cast will then be ushered on by some publicity people do some press interviews while the TV press of the world are all gathered in one place.

There isn’t yet a synopsis available, never mind a title but we can wildly speculate that it might be Here No Evil based on the episode titles accidentally leaked on the Blu Ray slipcases way back when Series XI arrived on shiny disc back in November.

Given the similar approach to marketing, we can assume that the six new episodes of Series XII will start airing on Dave towards the end of September, probably on a Thursday night, which for some reason, it the coolest night to put out new shows.

Following the Series XI Edinburgh screening, there were a couple of other opportunities to catch Red Dwarf on the big screen before it arrived on TV including one at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. We’ll keep you updated of further screenings as soon as we here about them.

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