Red Dwarf Red Nose Day auction news

Would you like a Starbug prop signed by the cast? Well thanks to Emma Kennedy’s Red Nose Day auction, you now have that opportunity. This new ‘bug was made and sprayed just for you and even signed by the cast. I mean that probably limits what you can do if you’re making a fan film but I’m sure that you can spray over their Sharpie vandalism. It’s just nice that Red Dwarf is back to being involved with the comedy establishment, in some small way.


If you’d like to know more about what’s involved in printing a Starbug then you can watch this excellent video from voxeljet featuring endorsements from Doug Naylor and Richard Naylor who  are apparently involved in the production of Red Dwarf in some way.

The bug is 85cm long and perfect to use as a centrepiece for family gatherings. Here’s a lovely Tweet showing a potential spoiler for series 12 where the crew all get turned into giants and decide to deface Starbug.

If you’d like to own iconic piece of Red Dwarf memorabilia, then get bidding today over at Givergy.

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