The Garbage Podcast – Series V Commentaries: Terrorform

Image2It’s been 25 years today since Terrorform first aired, and we’re marking the occasion with the latest edition of our Series V anniversary commentaries.

It’s an episode that sees Rimmer stranded on a world where his own neurosis’ could very well be the end of him, and it’s down to the rest of the crew to save him. On the basis of that description, you’d be hard pressed to know if we were talking about this episode or Rimmerworld from Series VI, and perhaps that’s part of why this episode is often ranked at the bottom of Series V.

But even if it’s the weakest of the series, that certainly doesn’t make it a weak episode overall. Even if it doesn’t quite compare to the extremely high standard of the other five episodes, there’s plenty to enjoy here, from the stranded Kryten, to Cat and Lister typing messages out to each other and the great big fake love in at the end.

Was the episode better of for not showing much of The Unspeakable One? Are text based games still a thing in the future? And does anybody know what a POV shot is?

All these laboured anecdotes and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew oil up and get down the gym to discuss an episode that launched some very excited letters through Chris Barrie’s letter box. And that’s not a euphemism. Hopefully.

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