News Roundup: Lego Dimensions, DVD reviewed and more

With Red Dwarf back in stasis until 2017, it appeared things might go quiet. Alas, we’re stuck doing these news roundups until the show comes back, so here’s the lowdown on all the latest goings on from 3 million years in the future.

Series XI DVD Review

Have you purchased the Series XI DVD and watched all of the special features but still don’t know how you feel? Well lucky for you, we’ve written an in depth review with our feeling on everything from the menus to the special features. And if you haven’t bought your shiny discs yet, then this is the perfect way to find out if this is the right disc for you, otherwise you’ll just end up reading customer reviews and those are never balanced.

Read our full thoughts here. 

Series XII titles confirmed…and also denied

If you’re anything like us, then you probably love reading the backs of cardboard Blu-ray sleeves. As we reported last week, the limited edition Red Dwarf XI was printed with some mysterious episode titles on the back which didn’t match those broadcast. It seemed reasonable to speculate that these were the Series XII titles, erroneously added by some rogue printer. This has now been confirmed by the official site. However, in doing so they have also said that some titles will probably change and also the running order hasn’t been set. So does that make everything clear?

Get your merchandise (reviews) here

There was a time when Red Dwarf merchandise was rarer than Star Cops cosplay at a wedding but that’s all changed. Alex has slowly been working his way through every item and now our merchandise reviews have been updated with his thoughts on the Red Dwarf poster – “good for walls, bad for kayaking”; key rings – “as far as rings go, these are vital. In fact, they’re key”; postcards – “if I were on a Red Dwarf based holiday, I’d be a stamp away from sending these”; and badges – “nudists be advised, these don’t pin well to skin”.*

*these words do not reflect the actual content of the reviews

Read the reviews in all their glory here

LEGO Dimensions expands

Red Dwarf has now officially arrived as part of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them LEGO Dimensions expansion. Here, you can explore the main Red Dwarf sets from Series XI (in LEGO form) and see some of the props from this run lovingly recreated in block form. It’s just a bonus level but it’s a joy to finally see Red Dwarf as part of a big console game, and who knows what the future holds. If Red Dwarf is now of LEGO’s radar, it’s surely only a matter of time before we get a special Hornby Red Dwarf railway.  You can watch the entire play through of the Red Dwarf level and experience the computer generated joy below or read more about it on the official site.


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