Breaking down the Red Dwarf XI titles

Rather than looking at the title sequences as they are and guessing what shots the episodes relate to, we thought we’d wait until the end of the series, label what shots come from what episodes. If we were inclined, we might make a chart. Turns out we are inclined.

There are 29 shots in all, 28 from the episode and the Red Dwarf XI title card.

  • Six shots are from Twentica*
  • Three shots are from Samsara
  • Six shots ¬†from Give & Take
  • Three shots from Officer Rimmer
  • A single shot from Krysis
  • Nine shots from Can of Worms

You might ask yourself, well Dave, what’s that done to the chart? I’d say, I’m not Dave but the chart looks a little like this. Then I’ll slowly cry myself to sleep because I’ve made a chart about this.


Six of these shots are model ship shots, with Red Dwarf featuring just once, Starbug in three shots with the guest ships from Officer Rimmer and Samsara featuring in their own shots and¬†Asclepius’ space station featuring in two of the Starbug shots as it explodes.

There are a high number of visual effects shots on display too beyond the models. There’s Lister shooting a polymorph, followed by its explosion in the next shot. The very next shot is from the same show with the misfiring laser scalpel. There are a couple of Rimmer shots with the hologram being temporally beamed out from Twentica, then the Rimmer beast absorbing one of the copies. There’s some split screen action with the Rimmer Quartet from Officer Rimmer. Later, there’s the exploding kidneys shot from Give & Take and finally the Cat shooting the polymorphs from Can of Worms.

Curiously enough, these titles don’t feature shots of either Holly or Kochanski. What’s that all about? Anyway, you can see these titles join the rest in our updated video below featuring all of the guitar opening credits.

*You could argue only five, if you want to count the flyby as a general shot, but it appeared first in Twentica so we’re sticking with that.)

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