Series XI News – Ratings Roundup

11345836-1904425152248881Now that Series XI has come to an end it is time for us to go over the ratings and see how it has done compared with Series X.

First we have the overnight ratings. Can of Worms ended the run with 493,000 viewers. A little further down on the rest of the series but held a similar share of the audience. 2.3% of the available audience watched Can of Worms compared with 2.6% for Krysis. Essentially, fewer people were watching TV but only a slightly smaller proportion were watching Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf is making big gains this series on the consolidated rating front. At time of publishing, four ratings are available for the consolidated ratings and these are as below:

Episode Date Viewers
Twentica 22/09/2016 1,456,000
Samsara 29/09/2016 1,442,000
Give and Take 06/10/2016 1,144,000
Officer Rimmer 13/10/2016 1,096,000

Series X settled at around the million and a half mark:

Episode Date Viewers
Trojan 04/10/2012 2,089,000
Fathers and Suns 11/10/2012 1,645,000
Lemons 18/10/2012 1,625,000
Entangled 25/10/2012 1,464,000
Dear Dave 01/11/2012 1,634,000
The Beginning 08/11/2012 1,507,000

The consolidated ratings are a little down on Series X but when you consider Red Dwarf is now airing in a far more competitive timeslot, it is still a very strong showing. You also have to consider that Red Dwarf is now airing on UKTV Play a week early and many people will be watching there instead.

The ratings on UKTV Play remain strong with Red Dwarf consistently dominating UKTV Play as the most popular programme. The ratings on UKTV Play are as below:

Episode First Online First Week Second Week Third Week Fourth Week Fifth Week Total
Twentica 15/09/2016 20,505 20,574 9,635 5,607 4,344 60,665
Samsara 23/09/2016 16,860 18,964 8,199 5,046 3,378 52,447
Give and Take 30/09/2016 16,462 17,672 7,227 3,763 45,124
Officer Rimmer 07/10/2016 17,327 17,039 5,807 40,173
Krysis 14/10/2016 18,779 15,095 33,874
Can of Worms 21/10/2016 16,870 16,870

Overall we get a picture of a great showing for a rating on a digital channel. If Red Dwarf XII airs in a less competitive timeslot this time next year then it will certainly push up closer to the Series X ratings as Red Dwarf has continued to remain incredibly strong in all areas outside of the overnight airing.

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