The Garbage Podcast: Series XI Reviews – Can Of Worms


After waiting so long for Series XI to hit our screens, it’s all gone by in something of a flash with this week’s episode Can of Worms being the last of the series. It’s also perhaps the episode that was most anticipated wth it having been teased early on. So did it live up to expectation?

That may well depend on whether you had already guessed the twist, with this episode essentially being Polymorph III under the disguise of a Cat virginity focused episode. It’s not the first time we’ve seen an episode with the genetic lifeforms, but then it’s not the first time we’ve seen a Cat virginity episode, even if that only made it to storyboard form on the Series VII DVD. But how well were both themes addressed in this episode?

Did a third Polymorph outing manage to bring something new to the table? How well does the episode function as a series finale? And pineapple or speedboat; just which is the more painful item to try and pass through your anal passage? All these Analsol advised questions and more will be examined as Alex, James and Andrew examine the episode top to bottom.

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