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As we hurtle towards the end of Series XI, we have one penultimate stop before the finale with Krysis. Episode 5 is often the point in a six part series where you can hide your weakest episode. This isn’t always the case of course, and even in Red Dwarf, episodes like Queeg happily break that mould. So where does this episode fit on that two point scale?

Whatever your feelings, it’s an episode which you can’t fault for its scope. Dear Dave in last series’ fifth slot showed a very confined affair, while this episode keeps on expanding in scope from a small start based on Kryten’s character to something literally the size of the universe. This of course doesn’t even account for the business in the middle with the fantastic inclusion of another mechanoid, this time played by Dominic Coleman. It’s an episode that at first glance may appear to be a light affair, but is perhaps the one with the most to unpack on repeat viewings so far.

Why does using Kryten for this plot make the most sense of any of the characters? Does the concept of speaking to the universe feel in-world? And just what are James O’Brien’s thoughts on the influence of Butler on Star Trek? All these paradoxical questions and more will be examined as Alex, James and Andrew try to conclude if love exists for the episode.

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