Series XI News – Officer Rimmer Ratings

11345836-1904425152248881Dave have aired a new episode of their hit sci-fi series so lets see how well it has done in the ratings. Yes, this article will provide you with the ratings for Dave’s hit new comedy sci-fi show Zapped! Oh and some other old sci-fi comedy show.

Officer Rimmer came through in the overnight ratings with a figure of 585,000 viewers across Dave and Dave Ja Vu. A similar figure to last week. In fact it achieved practically exactly the same rating on Dave as it did last week in 550,000 viewers, it was only down on the Dave Ja Vu airing. As I explained last week, it is a competitive time slot having to air against BBC One’s The Apprentice, BBC Two’s The Fall and Channel Four’s Hunted. Dave’s heavily promoted new sci-fi comedy Zapped only managed to achieve 348,000 viewers including Dave and Dave Ja Vu which shows you just how well Red Dwarf is doing by comparison.

The consolidated figures for Samsara on Dave and Dave Ja Vu comes in at practically the same as Twentica with 1,442,000 viewers. This figure includes people who watched on the night, people who recorded and watched later in the week and people who watched on Sky On Demand in the seven days after the first broadcast.

The UKTV Play figures have also been made available by the BARB. The service usually achieved around 5000 streams for new programming and below 1000 for older programming.Red Dwarf XI’s figures on UKTV Play to date as as per below:

Episode First Online First Week Second Week Third Week Total
Twentica 15/09/2016 20,505 20,574 9,635 50,714
Samsara 23/09/2016 16,860 18,964  N/A 35,824
Give & Take 30/09/2016 16,462  N/A  N/A 16,462

Bear in mind that each “First Week” actually only includes four days of being available for Twentica and three days for Samsara and Give & Take.

Another strong consolidated figure and a good showing on UKTV Play give us a good indication of what is shaping up to be a very successful series of Red Dwarf.

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