News Roundup: Give & Take/Officer Rimmer reviews and ratings, Krysis in Crisis & more!

You may have thought this week would be boring going into the fifth episode of the series but you would be absolutely wrong. We’ve got reviews, ratings and Krysis leaks to talk about.

Let’s first look at our coverage of the last week on Gazpacho Soup.

In case you missed it: Give & Take & Officer Rimmer reviews, ratings and more

Written review: Officer Rimmer – Andrew takes an in depth look at the fourth episode of Series XI

The Garbage Podcast: Give & Take Review – Alex, James and Andrew convene for a new edition of our site’s podcast to dive deep into discussing Give & Take in out continuing Series XI podcast review shows.

Written review: Give and Take – James takes an in depth look at the third episode of Series XI.

Ratings: Give & Take– James takes a look at the overnight ratings for Give & Take, how they compare to last week and what all of it means in the grand scheme of things.

Red Dwarf XI: The Game – Twentica Review – Our video review of the presently released first of six sections of the Series XI mobile game. You can watch the video below.

Series XI: Krysis in Crisis!

The controversial decision to release episodes a week early on UKTV Play has in general not been too popular with many fans. However most have just gotten on with watching the episodes six days early from broadcast on the day after the previous episode airs. That is until now.

Krysis was accidentally put online on UKTV Play a whole day early meaning those such as the writers on Gazpacho Soup have managed to watch the episode before Officer Rimmer has even been broadcast on Dave.

The episode has now been taken offline and Doug Naylor has taken to Twitter to give his thoughts on the crisis (or should that be Krysis… you get it? Like the episode?)

Watch Officer Rimmer online

Yes, we know we said last week we wouldn’t recap again how you can watch Series XI. However, we are still seeing people asking, so for that one person that has somehow missed all of these details, here’s a quick reminder of how you can watch Officer Rimmer and congratulations on slipping back out of your coma!

  • The UKTV app

IOS users can download the app from app store, and it’s also available to Android users via the Google Play store. Once the app is downloaded, you’ll need to register an account free of charge before you can watch the episode.

  • The UKTV Play website

The website allows you to watch the episode directly from your internet browser here. As with the app, you’ll need to sign up free of charge to watch via this method.

  • Sky+

Sky+ customers can also download on-demand via your Sky box or the Sky Go app. For anyone with a Sky + HD subscription, you’ll also have the option to download in HD instead of SD.

If you don’t have access to any of these, or indeed you are just waiting for the TV broadcast, the episode airs next Thursday on Dave at 9PM on October 13th.

Please note that all of these methods only apply to UK residents.

Give & Take and Officer Rimmer: The reviews are in

Because of the UKTV Play preview one week prior to the airing on Dave, it means that we are now getting reviews for Officer Rimmer at the same time that reviews for Give & Take are still rolling in. Consequently, here are the Give & Take reviews that have been published since our last round up, and the first of the Officer Rimmer ones that have come in.

You’ll find a notable quote from each review and a link in the name of the source it’s from to read it in full:

Give & Take


‘Give and Take’ is at the top of my list, but it’s clear that ‘Twentica’ and ‘Samsara’ have plenty of admirers too. This is testament to the high standard of these first three episodes, so I’m eager to see what the next three will bring.

Digital Spy:

Although the first two series 11 episodes were great, they still didn’t match up to the classic era (not that we ever expected it to, to be honest). But ‘Give and Take’ felt like an episode that could genuinely have come from its heyday.


 If you didn’t already from the previous two eps, after Give and Take you really do see just how good the budget is.

On The Box

It has to be said that this episode didn’t seem as funny as last week’s edition. While again it was good to see more from the Cat with him developing more as a character, this episode didn’t have as many great comic moments.


…a cracking piece of Red Dwarf, with moments for all the main cast to shine. Even if the time travel doesn’t actually make much sense. But does it ever?

Officer Rimmer

Radio Times:

There are some very inventive gags (the neat parallels to workplace printer jams are a treat), but an abrupt ending makes the episode ultimately feel slightly rushed.

Den of Geek:

Though the show has flirted with the idea of Rimmer becoming an officer on a number of occasions, this is the first time he’s been given the actual real-life promotion, and it’s a hoot. Chris Barrie is clearly having a ball as Rimmer explores his new-found authority, playing it with a dictatorial glee perhaps not seen since his days as leisure centre manager Gordon Brittas.

Flickering Myth:

While Red Dwarf often tips its hat to classic sci-fi shows and films, the huge multi-Rimmer monster at the end of this episode is a clear reference to John Carpenter’s legendary horror movie The Thing. Credit must be given to the make-up and effects team, because it’s a pretty disturbing creation


Series XI has enjoyed a terrific run so far and it has another corker in Officer Rimmer. It’s an episode which easily features some of Chris Barrie’s best work on the show


 The central conceit – 3D printed crews – is also another classic case of Red Dwarf delivering a sci-fi concept on screen that even “serious” sci-fi shows haven’t come up with yet

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