Series XI News: “What if I’m out, Say I’m busy”

This weeks Friday update leaves us on a veritable cliffhanger. Whilst we have been provided with a brand new teaser for the new series, we are left to wait until tomorrow during Dave’s midday repeat run of Series 2 for the full first trailer for Series XI. But don’t worry if you are out, the trailer will be online shortly after broadcast on TV.

The new teaser and tomorrow’s trailer isn’t the only exciting thing to happen this week either. The worldwide premier of Twentica took place at the Edinburgh Film Festival. A Q&A with Doug revealed a few revelations on the upcoming episodes and the potential for more afterwards.

So before we deconstruct the new teaser, here is all the latest news this week:

Recording Order Confirmed

Richard Naylor was kind enough to reveal the production order for Series XI. We can now match the set report to each episode:

Twentica Set Report

Samsara Set Report

Give and Take Set Report

Officer Rimmer Set Report

Krysis Set Report

Can of Worms Set Report

You can now pore over the set reports and compare them with the plots revealed earlier. Most interesting to note that the sixth episode filmed, which the set report describes as “a proper end of series affair”, now is going out first!

Lucie Pohl First Confirmed Guest Star

UKTV’s Justine Bower confirmed comedian Lucie Pohl is guest starring in Twentica. Her role in Twentica still hasn’t been revealed at this time.

Series XII will “probably” air 12 months after Series XI

The best way to get news on new Red Dwarf these days is to just go up to Doug Naylor and ask him for some. One such query to Doug Naylor on Twitter revealed that Doug believes Series XII will “probably” air twelve months following Series XI, an assumption most of us were already making.

The writing for Series XIII begins in November and at least two more series are expected

Some very big and unexpected news. We haven’t seen Series XI yet but plans are already afoot for Series XIII and XIV.

Doug Naylor initially revealed he was beginning the writing of Series XIII in November:

Doug then elaborated on this in the Q&A following the Edinburgh screening.

Series XII Editing Complete

Richard Naylor confirmed it is their final day of editing Series XII.

To put this into perspective, there are now currently 12 episodes of Red Dwarf which have yet to be aired.

Series XI DVD

Richard Naylor took to Twitter to ask if any specified special features are wanted for the DVD.

Such suggestions already made to him include commentary by Doug and Richard Naylor, storyboards, raw model/FX footage, isolated music cues, channel idents, promo materials and deleted scenes commentary.

Teaser Breakdown

Now for a breakdown of the teaser revealed earlier today. ┬áIf you’ve missed it, it’s right here

Trailer 1

Is that the Nova 5, or perhaps some variation of it? It certainly seems to say Nova if you zoom into the image. Could this be an earlier Nova vessel that Kryten serves aboard?

Trailer 2

A look at the lair of the rogue droid who steals Lister’s Kidney’s?

Trailer 3

The “Not Alert” sign of the StarBug cockpit has changed. As has the lighting. Rimmer will certainly be pleased that everybody is sure it is a red alert situation.

Trailer 4

Compare this shot to the blue screen work from Series III and you can tell we are not only in a different decade but a different century.

Trailer 5

Could this be the crashed ship at the bottom of the ocean moon from Samsara?

Trailer 6

Atmosphere! If there is one thing that was emphasised throughout the set reports, it was the improvement in lighting this series. This shot perfectly exemplifies this in action.

Trailer 7

Are simulants making a return this series? It would certainly seem so from this shot.

Trailer 8

We end with a shot of the gang all tooled up with bazookoids avoiding something falling from above them.


Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to Dave or keep an eye online for the first full trailer of Series XI.

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