Series XI News: “Give in, Doctor Fruit Loop. Do tell.”

It’s Friday! And that means yadda, yadda, yadda. You know the drill by now.

We fill out a few lines with some old guff, repost whatever the official channels have released today to tease Series XI, and then write a load more old guff underneath talking about it.

With that in mind, let’s cut to the chase:

Now we won’t detail what’s going on here or what episode this is from, and you’ll doubtless have already drawn your own conclusions from the photo and the caption anyway. So instead let’s look at some of the production elements that this photo shows that we previously alluded to in our set reports.

Firstly, the lighting and colour pallet. All through the recordings, one of the resounding bits of feedback was that the lighting this series made much more use of shadow and a more interesting array of colour choices than Series X did. As with the last photo released, this is very apparent once again, but also goes someday to show it’s unique style.

We have been used to series of the show that have had a darker look in places before, especially in Series V, but the look here is something different again. From Series III onwards, one of the big elements of the show has always been it’s visually striking nature that seep rated it from other comedy shows, and this seems very much in that mound.

If it’s not a phrase that’s been undermined by the Remastered project, this colour pallet has more of a filmic style to it and which seems to be a natural development ¬†that takes elements of what was seen in both Back to Earth and Series X.

Of course it’s not only the look of the photo that is striking, but also the guest charecter featured in. It plays into the horror aspects seen in the show previously, especially in Series V, and suggests that this theme is back in the show to some degree. That’d certainly be something backed up by Seb Patrick from The Offical Site, stating that ‘I saw the episode with this character in being filmed, and he/it shit me RIGHT UP. Proper scary Series V vibes.’

Confirmed in this tweet from Richard Naylor, the visually arresting design is courtesy of Millenium FX. If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely from their extensive work on Doctor Who since 2005. With their extensive experience in the creating monsters, robots and prosthetics for BBC One’s flagship show, the promise of more of their work on the series is certainly one that should excite.

All in all it’s another photo that’s sure to get fans more worked up for the shows. If you just can’t wait to see more Series XI however, you might want to consider booking a ticket sharpish to The International Edinburgh Television Festival as we talked about last week, there tickets to a screening of Twentica are still avalible for ¬£12.

Everything is getting tantisisingly close now and it’s all very exciting. We’d forgive you if a bit of wee came out. Incontinence truly is a terrible affliction after all.