Series XI News: ‘I picked up the dice again… Unbelievable! Another cast photo’

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s big reveal of the first promo shot of Series XI, we are now graced in the weekly Friday Series XI update with another cast photo.

Not to be trumped by the Telegraph who decided to get their own “exclusive” yesterday courtesy of posting the new cast photo when they jolly well liked, this time the latest image is courtesy of where else but the official Red Dwarf site.


Series XI Cast Photo

The first thing that strikes you about the shot is the lighting. One constant through-line of all of the set reports was the emphasis there seemed to be from the production team on giving the show a look akin to that of Series V. Now all of us who didn’t see the show filmed can see this for ourselves.

What also is interesting about this shot is how less different Kryten’s new mask looks in action here. Whilst I wasn’t part of the rumblings of discontent that spread through Red Dwarf fandom regarding yesterday’s reveal, I would say it was a much bigger change than we’d ever seen before to Kryten. However people who had seen the episodes recorded said the mask wasn’t best represented by yesterday’s picture and you can clearly see why as the mask we see here is much closer the archetypal Kryten mask from the early 90s.

Now to get into the real nerdy depths and lets analyse Cat’s hair. It seems a lot finer and frizzier than in Series X or even than in the cast photo revealed yesterday. What the frizzy hair does seem to do is it makes the wig looks a little more real.

And finally of course we come to the bazookoids. They are absolutely lovely. We knew from all the way back to when they were filming that the Model Unit were making new bazookoids for the series, this time an amalgamation of the original bazookoid and the Series VII ‘mk 2’ bazookoid.

As for where the gang are, where Rimmer is and why Lister appears to be wearing a headband, I couldn’t even begin to speculate. We’ll just have to wait until the new series airs next September.