Series XI News: We Must Have The Same Storyboard

Friday has come around again with another exciting update in the lead up to September. This week we have a storyboard replete with dialogue from an episode from Series XI.

A typical Rimmer being Rimmer gag and what seems to be a very ambitious location/studio set in the opening panel. If that shows the level of ambition in the production then we could be in for a much more expansive production than we have seen before.

This isn’t the first storyboard that has been revealed by the production. During the filming of Series XII Richard Naylor shared this wonderful storyboard also drawn by Nik Afia.

Hopefully we will see more of these storyboards after the series has gone out, perhaps as a gallery on the DVD or in Nathan Cubitt’s making of documentary. Or we could convince Grant Naylor Productions to release a storyboard book with all of the storyboards created for Series XI and XII…