Series XI News: Twentica to Ride

It’s Friday and as such it’s time for another piece of Red Dwarf XI news. This time, after various photos from the model shoot having whetted our appetite over the last few weeks, we have something we haven’t seen so far in the build up to this new series; an episode title.

Titles being announced is always one of those markers of things really gearing up for a new series airing, so what title are we leading with? The Red Dwarf HQ twitter feed had the answer:

So, Twentica. In terms of titles, it certainly sounds very Red Dwarf-ish. Having been at the XI recordings, we won’t speculate on what the title might mean, but we can certainly hazard a guess at which episode this is likely to be, and it wasn’t the first one that was recorded…

Now we can’t deny that as we said in our set reports, at the time we felt during the recordings that the order the episodes were filmed in felt quite good and natural. However, if this is the episode that we suspect, then it’s a strong start to XI and there’s definitely logic in coming out the gates with as a particularly good epsiode to draw in as much of an audience as early as possible. We’re certainly pretty confident that if it’s the episode we suspect, it’ll get the series off to a very warm reception.

At this point, it’s worth us adding an addendum to our spoiler policy going forward. As with this episode title, with the release of others over the coming months we won’t be linking you to the relevant set reports. Please be aware however that when referring to our set reports however that as was ever the case, they do not necessarily relate to the order the episodes are being broadcast in.

More titles as we get them!