Series XI News: Doug Naylor Hints at XI Airdate 

September; it’s seen the Great Fire of London, the start of Hitler’s invasion of Poland and annually celebrates Mini Golf day.

And now it seems that September has an extra illustrious string to add to its  bow, with Doug Naylor giving a not so subtle hint as to the transmition date of Series XI:

Now if you still can’t read through that then I Don’t know that there Is much we Or anyone else can Try to help.

So it seems that the recent suggestions of a September airing may not have been unfounded, and would put it around the October/ September time frame we expected from the outset.

With regards to an exact date, for Series X we learned the date a little over a month before airing following the Vindilunar campaign. Considering that that ended with the wrong date being announced and us receiving a press release from the marketing company after the damn thing had already smashed back into the ground, we’d hope that announcement will goa. Little better this time. Given the indications of how everything has been going so far however, we’d say we’re fairly safe in that regard.

More news as we hear it!