Series XI/XII News: “Starbug was built to last, sir….or not”

After the big news that the model shoot had completed, in what seemed to be record time, there’s been another update from the good people of Dave and Having had a great look at the new Red Dwarf model recently, we’ve now been treated to a view of the new Starbug model, which after sitting out of most of Red Dwarf X, will feature far more prominently in the coming series.

There’s something oddly comforting about seeing the transport craft crashed into a moon, and this shot doesn’t look too dissimilar to the iconic crash from fan favourite ‘Marooned’ although¬†judging by the rocks, this looks more likely to be sand than snow. Also of note, is the position of Starbug’s legs, raised up for flight as they were in Red Dwarf VII, rather than reverting to the classic look from Red Dwarf III through VI.

Talking of Starbug legs (and that’s something we love to do) this image ties in with Doug Naylor’s recent tweets showing a leg and the confirmation the 3D printing was being used on the show. It seems that there could be a fair few ‘bugs flying around this year. That also means there’s a pattern for a Starbug…that must be a future merchandising opportunity.

The official site also provided confirmation of our fascinating in-depth investigation into that fabulous model photograph released earlier this month.


This is indeed the previously mentioned bigature and the details of its dimensions have been confirmed:

“The model takes a third of the previous model, and enlarges it by a factor of three – which means that when scaled up the main ship, which ain’t exactly small, could fit inside it a whopping thirty-six times!?”

That’s fairly impressive and it seems we’ll have some amazing model shots to look forward when Red Dwarf XI airs later this year. With production finished, it seems as though the publicity machine has moved into full swing so expect plenty of new details and images over coming weeks.