Series XI/XII News: “With respect, sir, your model shoot’s finished, you big lig!”

After an interesting few days with various updates on where the production is presently at with the model shoot as well as a variety of fantastic pictures, it appears today from a further tweet from Dan Kay that the model shoot has now wrapped.

That’s not been the only tweet of interest today, but let’s take a look at what we’ve seen today first and then get into the in depth  breakdown:

Series X bigature:


Series X model pre-refurbishment:


Series X model post-refurbishment:

tumblr_nud02rjc3E1qk5iduo3_1280 3

Series XI/XII bigature:


Comparing the models, you’ll notice slight differences from this most recent photo. Firstly, we can discount any possibility of this being the Series X bigature as the details don’t match. With the full Series X model, we’ve illustrated it with two photos as the refurbishment does make some difference around the name plate area.

The name plates on the remastered model were made from a thin paper-like material, and this can clearly be seen in the pre refurbishment picture. After the first model shoot for Series X went disastrously wrong, the model was fixed up by Bill Pearson and Steve Howarth, and the results of this can be seen in the revamped photo, taken from the UKTV press event earlier this year.

As you can see by comparing the details circled in green with the new photo, there are some subtle but noticeable differences between the two, and leaving us with the conclusion that this is almost certainly the new bigature where the details seem to match up, even though the photo is taken a bit too far away to get a good look.

Of course, we could have just said that at the start. Yeah. That probably would have made more sense. BUT NEVER MIND. Even with the model shoot having now wrapped, we’ll still have various promotional materials beginning to appear in the coming months aside from anything tweeted by the production, so we’re sure there’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to be arse numbingly tedious all over again soon.