Series XI/XII News Roundup (29/01/2016)

IMG_3867As Red Dwarf XII heads into the first day of filming in front of a live studio audience we have seen more interesting titbits of information released by the production team.

The most exciting is most certainly the picture of the new Red Dwarf “bigature” currently under construction as tweeted by Naylor Jnr:

Now I would make a joke about how if this model fell off a shelf it would be picked up by a seismometer however I’m not sure a shelf big enough exists to hold this mammoth beast. It is however absolutely beautiful to see in such size and detail. Hopefully it translates to a truly wonderful final product on screen.

The next picture to come out this week from the production is courtesy of the art department.

Matthew Clark is the Graphic Designer on Series XII. On his website he has also revealed that Keith Dunne will be Production Designer and Tristan Peatfield will be the Art Director. They have all had previous experience in Sci-Fi in the form of Doctor Who and its various spin-offs so Red Dwarf is in safe hands there.

In the final picture from this week we got another good look at the Starbug cockpit set… however this picture was posted by actress Naomi Sheldon who looks set to be appearing in the the first episode of Series XII. This picture was not supposed to be revealed and I won’t replicate the picture here in accordance with Grant Naylor Production’s wishes. If you so wish to see a picture of the new Starbug set then the picture is out there if you look hard enough *cough* Ganymede and Titan *cough*.

This picture of the new Starbug set does show the cockpit in a darker light than the picture previously leaked by UKTV executives. If I am to understand, being the only writer on here not to have seen the set in person, neither picture is truly representative of what it looked like to the audience on the night. It does look great in the darker light, more akin to how the cockpit looked in Series VI/VII which is the style they are presumably trying to replicate albeit with a new twist.