I Cannot Stand Front-Seat Drivers

The cast and crew of Red Dwarf XI have all been very good at keeping a lid on things this series. Aside from a minor set leak earlier in the week as Robert Llewellyn tweeted an image of the front of the Starbug cockpit it has been absolutely leak free…

That was until UKTV CEO Darren Childs blew the whole gaff by tweeting a picture of him and colleague Steve North in the cockpit of Starbug. Now we’d rather this sort of information came from the production team when they wanted it to be revealed and how they wanted it to be revealed but since it is out there now, here is the tweet in question:

As the only writer on Gazpacho Soup who hasn’t been to see an episode filmed, this is the first time I have seen this set. For me it looks… blue. However when you consider the picture from earlier in the week from Robert Llewellyn (below), it does seem that it is only really the lighting that seems off about the set, the basic layout and nice little detail like the spinning Starbug graphic seen in the background make it seem like a natural progression from previous cockpit sets.

Having spoken to people who have been to see the shows filmed, it has been a view that the picture of the cockpit is not the most flattering on the set. So before we all get in a tizz about the set whether positive or negative, lets wait a few months until the first official pictures come out and we see it how it’ll look in the final product.