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I Cannot Stand Front-Seat Drivers

December 19, 2015 James 0

The cast and crew of Red Dwarf XI have all been very good at keeping a lid on things this series. Aside from a minor set leak earlier in the week as Robert Llewellyn tweeted an image of the front of the Starbug cockpit it has been absolutely leak free… […]

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Series XI News: “Can you see that space vehicle?”

December 15, 2015 Alex 0

With Series XI currently filming, we’ve been getting occasional tweets from the cast with little reveals here and there such as Robert’s tweet showing a skeleton prop last week. While we have been largely covering these on Twitter rather than here on the site, a couple of tweets from Robert […]

Set Report: Series XI – Samsara (11th December 2015)

December 12, 2015 Alex 0

It may have been delayed by a fire alarm, but the fifth episode of Red Dwarf XI has now gone before cameras and a live audience. But after several weeks of character centric episodes, what direction would the penultimate episode for this series take? For our thoughts and opinions from […]

Set Report: Series XI – Officer Rimmer (4th December 2015)

December 5, 2015 Andrew 0

Despite having been permanently camped out at Pinewood Studios since August, Alex was unable to make it see the episode four record of Red Dwarf XI. By a happy coincidence, Andrew just happened to have been granted a ticket for the recording having pleased the gatekeepers of fandom with a […]